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Swindle hadn’t screwed up this bad in vorns. 

Slag it, he knew it was a poor bet; the arrangement sounded fishy from the start, he should have smelled the risk from miles away and steered clear of the whole mess… but the lure of credits and his own heady overconfidence were far overpowering. 

Now two mechs were dead, an array of cutting-edge experimental weaponry blown to bits, and a brand new underground war was springing to life like a superheated energon geyser…

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Forget it? not a chance.

Happy cheesy human romance day~

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((HI DUDES @w@; I wanna apologize real quick for disappearing and interrupting a bunch of lovely rping last night aughahhg. I didn’t expect to be gone so long, but my body started acting up and I just crashed. I’m so mad, I wanted to get in on the VDay festivities, but I’ve really been feeling too ill to be of much use at all and couldn’t put up much of a fight ;_;

Okay okay whining aside, I’m gonna take it easy until I can get back on my feet, so sorry for being absent a while longer. I don’t wanna compromise my Swindliness by tryin to RP half-dead :’P

I love you folks, and have a great rest of Valentine’s Day~

shadeofvioletsky-deactivated201 asked:
"I most certainly will!" Taking the gifts and placing them into her container. Though she was happy she got what she wanted, she felt a little guilty. "I feel like I owe you more than what I gave to you."

Swindle gives her a reassuring wave of the servo. “Oh, just bring yourself or your creators over some other time. As long as you’re using my services, you’re giving me support.”

He doesn’t feel the need to mention he definitely came out with a profit on the deal anyway~

a-menagerie-of-insanity asked:
*Audio Transmission* "Ugh, Delivery. And the clamps are for me cause, and I can't believe it happened, the grayfaces turned me into a human. How much is this all so I can send the credits your way?"

Good gracious, they do seem to like showing us the joys of being organic. Not a problem, I’ll have these shipped right over. So, for one molecular fusion cannon, one small magnetic graviton clamp set and my standard delivery fee, that comes up to 8,800 credits.

Anonymous asked:
M!A: For the duration of Valentine's Day, you are immune to the influence of any M!A's unless you specifically permit it, including any existing M!A's. Happy Valentine's Day.

Oh this is a rough one! Hahaha, thank you little grey pal. I’ll make sure to take advantage ♥

shadeofvioletsky-deactivated201 asked:
"Yes, that would work perfectly!" She bursts out enthusiastically, "I will take them." Skyshade offers the mech the money, to her this could get any better. "You are the greatest!"

Swindle subspaces the the money with a grin, handing the seeker her gifts. “Why thank you, your business is much appreciated! Make sure to come back the next time you need anything, my supplies refresh constantly~”

a-menagerie-of-insanity asked:
*Audio Transmission* "Whatever condition it's in now is fine, and umm... you would happen to have a magnetic graviton clamp able to be used by a human, would you?"

Yyyeah, I should be able to dig one up. Anything else? Should I hang onto these for pick-up, or would you like to have them delivered?

blue-and-black-hero asked:
Expect a gift in the mail tomorrow. You don't owe me anything for it. Valentines Day and all that jazz.

Is that so~! Well, I’m looking thirty-one thousand flavors of forward to it! ♥

a-menagerie-of-insanity asked:
*Audio Transmission* "Swindle. I have someone looking for a... Molecular Fusion Cannon. You wouldn't happen to have one would you?"

Ah, he recognizes that voice. “Fusion cannon, huh? I just finished repairing  one actually. It’s servo-held, but I can modify it if your Someone would prefer it were body-mountable.”

shadeofvioletsky-deactivated201 asked:
Instantly, her wings resumed to their natural pose and her smile blossomed on her faceplate. "You would do that for me?" She said as she pointed a talon to her chassis. Taking out a small container, she grabbed her money to show the deal making mech. "I only have 1,000 credits from my allowance, if there is a way I can get both of them for my creators that will do."

Swindle cooly eyed the credits, any disappointment he might’ve felt at the fact the young femme wasn’t quite as loaded as he’d hoped either expertly masked, or just buried beneath his compulsion to make a sale. 

“Well it’s an unbelievable steal,” he sighed, popping open his subspace compartment and reaching in. “-but for a thousand credits, your carrier can electrify the whole place and your sire can peek at particles to his spark’s content.” He pulled out a stylish brushed titanium microscope and a small case of grade-A zappin’ gear, holding them for the seeker to see. “Sound good to you?”

Oooh this reminds me of the energon bath houses on Xoran. A guy out there still owes me a favor, maybe I can get us into one…

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It really takes a klik to absorb everything this picture has to offer.